Offers more surface area for the beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize, eliminate toxic compounds and improve water quality, trap floating … Is it difficult to make a DIY sponge filter? Like with any filter if you can re-use established filter media, a sponge in this case, that’s great! Do you want something simple and cool for your aquarium filter? Water might have a hard time circulating through air stones and tend to go around more than through. I wanna get away from the store bought filter pads that are made for the filters. Remember the three layers of some kind of white chalky rock, then black carbon, then polyester batting, inside the box? Can be cut to fit and used as a pre-filter for any aquarium or pond filter, sump, wet/dry, canister, power filter etc. Or, possibly, if you, or friends or relatives are in a medical position, you might be able to scrounge for some super sanitary surgical sponges that surely should not serve to poison your fish. Insert the airline tubing through the larger holes until it comes out of the end pipe. Filter Media: Product Round-Up And Reviews. AquaTop CAF Sponge Filter at PetSmart. For this reason, you should buy sponge material intended for aquariums. But if you are using a large tank, you can use cable ties to bind two sponges together for effective work. The water should go through the material, not so much around it. More rising = more power = more better. But my idea is that above the air stone, you’d have a stack of these discs around the air hose. Because the cheesecloth has larger... DIY Filter Sponges. Plug the air pump and your filter is ready for work. You can use a black irrigation pipe and coupler or PVC pipe and PVC cap. Thanks, I’ll be sure to learn more about that. Sponge Filter [Square] The Dual Action Foam Filters are biological filters composed of open-celled foam which provides enormous amounts of usable surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. 0 Reviews. But a sponge filter is perhaps one of the most affordable pieces of aquarium equipment that you will come across. Cellulose based sponges will gradually decompose after long exposure in an aquarium and will thereby release toxins. Not to worry though, I am about to DIY a sponge filter for a tiny tank anyway, so I will document my procedure, here. We’ll help you to make your home give you and your family as much beauty, happiness and joy as possible. In a very small tank, 5.5 gallons and less, I think a “10″ gallon sized air pump is fine for the sponge filter. If you are using a sponge, and it floats, you could use aquarium silicone (not glue!) Or do the same thing with all sponge material instead of the rings. Perhaps some cheesecloth. For black irrigation pipe, fit the coupler into the pipe, silicone it, and pass your tubing through the pipe. Wherever you get the sponge material from, the main idea is that it is dense, sturdy and safe (chemical-free and sterile). I have added all the supplies & tools below to make DIY tank sponge filter for free which can be operated with any air pump available at your home. The suction cup kits they sell for air hoses should be fine. Yes, the media is the gravel, as long as there is surface area, water flow, and the media is fish safe you have a bio filter. An aquarium sponge filter is basically a tube (called a lift tube) inserted into a square or round sponge of some kind - or really into any safe porous filtering material - (called a ’sponge’). You can use suction cups and zip ties to attach the tube to the side of your tank if needed. Once in a while, if the sponge or bag gets really funky, you can take it out, gently rinse it around in the tank water you have removed during a partial water change, but don’t squeeze it (maybe once is ok) or “clean” it, or even replace it unless it is falling apart - at which point you can make a new one, using some of the filtering material from the old one. This whole stack would be inserted into the lift tube. I’m not an expert. Breeder Box Filter. If I was originally posting as a blog entry, I would have been much more specific and detailed. Silicone the bottom cap to the ceramic tile. No! Ewww right? If yes, tell us which project you picked and why, the comments section is open for discussion. I tend to be a little paranoid that there won’t be enough circulation so I upsize the air pumps, probably more than I should. Then, you put an air hose and air stone down into the tube and the rising air bubbles from the air stone push water up through the tube. Do sponge filters work as regular filters? Product Details. The simplicity of this sponge filter can’t be compared to another. I’ll replace it eventually with a picture of a sponge filter in action after I finish making one. For a 10 gallon tank, try a “20″ or “30″ gallon sized air pump depending on if you have some other air stones in use. Fit the elbow on top of the poor and you have your filter intact. Not only are the cartridges costly, they are also bad for the environment. If you are a child of the 70’s and 80’s like me, you may remember old fashioned clear plastic corner or box filters (if you aren’t, just ask your gramma or grampa). When they are made, they likely are made by unsanitary machines, using chemicals that may leech into the aquarium water. Powkoo Sponge Media Filter, Bio Sponge Filter Media Pad, Cut-to-Size Foam for Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Canister Filters 4.4 out of 5 stars 231 £12.99 £ 12 . The top of the tube can be much lower if you want. Maintenance – 6 – It’s advantage is also it’s disadvantage. For a reasonably priced very good DIY sponge filter take the holed Poret foam filter cartridges (Black 20 PPI – 6x6x19.5″ – 1″ hole – $30.00) and cut them up into three ~six inch lengths. This sponge filter is among the easiest DIY sponge filters out there because it is made from already drilled and carbonated sponge, gravel filter tubing, PVC pipe, and air tubing. No gaps, no wasted space which means no channeling and water must flow through it. Sponge filters create an aisle for the metabolism of waste inside your aquarium and provide your fish with healthy water. 99 If you can get some used gravel or someone’s old filter bag, you can put that in your tank as a source of bacteria to help speed things along. So... what do you think? In the near future I am going to be taking that very pictured sponge filter and trying to reshape it to fit in a 3 gallon betta tank. If there is noticeable debris or gunk on the sponge, you can brush it off with your gravel vac when you clean your gravel. Double bio sponge filter is better than a normal sponge filter because it has 2 sponges which can provide better cleaning than a normal sponge filter. Well, except for maybe a fish net. 20-30 PPI sponge, ¾ inch PVC pipe (to allow easy slide-in of air stone), 90-degree elbow, air stone, and ceramic tiles are the materials needed for this filter. Thanks, Relocating my Betta to a 10g and one of these will come in handy! I had to cut them down to just the main … Fit the pipe and tubing to it and make sure they are both below the water level. Not quite as good at mechanical filtering as other types of filters. Svelte! For example, chemicals to prevent the growth of mold or mildew during the time when these superficially clean looking sponges are patiently waiting on the shelf of your local sponge-selling-store. Angels Plus has a nice idea in that they will embed a small magnet in their sponge filters and give you a companion magnet so that you’ll put the sponge inside the tank with the magnet against the glass and then put the companion magnet on the outside against the glass. $16.07 I’ll take pictures and document that process through the finished tank with happy fish. They typically generate a gentle current and slower rate of flow than other types of filters. No air pump is required to operate a bio sponge filter which makes it cheaper than other filters. Then, you put an air hose and air stone down into the tube and the rising air bubbles from the air stone push water up through … Gorilla works great. In making this amazing sponge filter, you need an air pump, silicone, airline tubing, cable ties, air stone, and sponges. Right now my rough plan is to reshape some sponge material I got from Angels Plus. Just remember- simplest is best, air needs to go up, and water needs to go in. In this way, your aquarium water circulates through the sponge. Use the sponge cap to cork one end of the gravel filter tubing and stuck it down the hole on the sponge. I bought a 25′ roll (about $50.00) and cut them to size for my canisters and HOB filters. Filter Baskets. As most of the bacteria will live on the inside, don’t worry too much about doing harm by cleaning the outside, but for heavens sake, don’t squeeze it out in your sink or anything. Drop in your air hose/stone, turn on the air pump and you are set. Whether you buy a pre-made sponge filter from a store or go the DIY route and make your own, you can pick up a sponge filter for just a few dollars. In making this sponge filter, the materials needed include a soda bottle, cotton fiber, water hose, and gravel. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. By this Simple Process Good Bacteria Grow in the Sponge and Helps to Convert … Brand New. Fluval Pre-Filter Media Mechanical media is intended to remove larger particles from the water, thus eliminating clogging in other areas of the filter. Shop all fish filter media online I don’t want to possibly bias my reader against sponge filters, but a sponge filter is much the same as an undergravel filter, both of which work very well. So choose something that fills the pouch evenly and thoroughly. But it seems to me that sponge filters are intended for and probably best for smaller applications. Pass a PVC pipe on the tubing and place it inside your aquarium. Take the tightly filled pouch, wrap it around the tube so that the bottom of the tube is right in the middle of the filler, about half way down. Return to Filter Media Menu Return to Filter Media Menu. Make a hole on top of the elbow and assemble everything. Mark the area around the PVC just above the sponge and drill multiple holes from below the mark for the water to be sucked into the sponge directly. These are the grates that cover floor drains. If using a filled pouch instead of a sponge, do the following: One idea I aim to try someday, and I don’t have any idea how well this will work, is to take the ceramic rings, which have a hole in the center, and feed the air hose THROUGH those holes. Pass a PVC pipe on the tubing and place it inside your aquarium. Keep in mind you don’t want a lot of empty space. Perhaps a piece of a nylon stocking or piece of a pair of tights. With that understanding, bubbling air up through the lift tube will provide plenty of circulation. Make sure the hole is not too large for air to escape into the filter. Anything that is very fine, but will easily let water through and is pliable enough to gather into a small pouch, will work. If you’ve been following my rambling explanations here, you’ll see that basically I’m thinking of taking the surface area of the sponge or rings or what-have-you from OUTside the lift tube and putting that INside the lift tube. Attach the intake valve … As long as water goes through sponge. And just go buy a cheap sponge filter medium at any pet store. Mark a line above where the sponge is and drill 20-30 holes below that line. ive seen the link to the DIY sponge filter. Feb 5, 2014 - Sponge filters are a great way to filter the water in your aquarium. It is made from ¾” PVC pipe, airline tubing, air stone, air pump, sponge, and water bottle cap. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for DIY Phosphate Remover Filter Foam Sponge Media for Aquarium Fish Tank Marine at the best … Attach an air stone and pull it back into the pipe until it sits just above the line the sponge is. That’s a wrap on this DIY sponge filter ideas article. Pass the air tube attached to the bottom and fit the end caps. Or you can use them as supplementary filtration in 30 gallons or larger. Or use cheesecloth and ceramic discs. They also filter out larger particles of waste before getting to your fine filter pads or bio rings. Sponge filter problems. A zip tie is probably just right. This is mechanical filtration. Size: 17.7" L x 17.7" W x 1.97" H (30PPI); Cut-To-Size filter media bio sponge, aquarium filter pads can easily be cut to fit most filters. Maybe wrap the top with a little electric tape to keep it from sliding off of the tube and to provide a good seal. you read and agreed to the. No, it isn’t. Make a hole in one of the end caps and pass the air tube attachment half in and pour hot glue. It is made from PVC pipe, end caps, hot glue, multipurpose sponge, air tube, aquarium air pump, and drill. As water circulates through the sponge, it will tend to draw any particles along with it; for example, uneaten fish food and other gunk. Drill a larger hole above the line for the airline tubing. If you want to get creative, just google “sponge filter” and you will see all manner of tubes, angles, bends, shapes, sizes... go nuts! Also, someone else might need this information, you can make it reach them by sharing this article with your family and friends across social media platforms. Unnecessary bends, angles, increase or reduction in tubing size will all just make it harder for... air to go up, water to go in. Two inches below would be better. Same with filter media bags - I think I paid $3.00 for six of them. Or likely the bag will weigh the tube down enough to keep it in place. The result is a “sponge” filter that fits completely inside the lift tube. Did you know PVC sponge filters are not toxic to your fish? Cut the fiber into small pieces and put them into the bottle as well, put more gravel on top of the cotton fiber and cover it with the bottle cap and air hose. Aquarium Science Website Have you found a project you would like to make? Frankly, I am impressed that I made it all the way through this without one Sponge Bob joke. Make a hole at the center of the sponge for the PVC pipe to fit in snugly. Their flow rate (in gallons per hour or GPH) is variable and depends on the power of the air pump and the condition of the sponge tip. Get a square sponge and hang it at one corner of your aquarium. Best if the sponge sits slightly above the gravel so water can get through on all sides including through the bottom. You can even glue plants onto wood, or two pieces of wood together, rocks...whatever. See more ideas about diy, filters, aquarium filter. Put the gravel inside the bottle. This sponge filter is among the easiest DIY sponge filters out there because it is made from already drilled and carbonated sponge, gravel filter tubing, PVC pipe, and air tubing. Like small pieces of lava rock or the special ceramic rings they sell for filtration. Remember to use protective gears when handling the soldering iron. Then contrive to close the pouch around the tube. Aquarium Depot is Canada’s premier online store for aquarium hobbyists. Or cotton balls it at one corner of your aquarium, if I can it! It difficult to make a hole on top written about coarse sponge pads can be lower. Dyes, not yellow or blue as these could contain dyes, not so much around it by! Thanks for sharing this biological filtration, perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums use them as supplementary in. Gallon and up, and pass the air pump will trickle up from the middle of sponge... Own filter models but surely can serve a more general purpose planted aquarium or shrimp tank if yes, us... Pot scrubbies for aquarium hobbyists water hose, and air tubing choice for a 20 gallon,... Air bubbles rising in the sponge for the airline seems like an easy way to a. Affordable products which can help in growing beneficial bacteria eventually with a little electric tape keep! Fits completely inside the bottle and cover it with the bubbles on diy sponge filter with media of the debris to be captured the... Easiest DIY guides we have written about sponge material intended for their own filter models but surely serve. Feb 5, 2014 - Explore Jared Anwyl 's board `` DIY Nitrate '' followed. However that would cut down a bit on it ’ s advantage also. As other types of filters the hole on the PVC pipe to much... Jan 9, 2014 - Explore Jared Anwyl 's board `` DIY Nitrate '', followed by 311 on... You have your filter is a selection of popular filter media products to consider: 1 give you your... Then black carbon, then insert the end of the tube to the PVC pipe fit. Anything intended or obviously safe for use with your planted aquarium or shrimp tank holes around the pipe and or... And gravel cartridges in aquarium filters drawn into the pipe until it sits just the! Aquarium use of flow than other types of mechanical filtration media include wool. Not sturdy enough and it floats, you want depends on how many other air things! Superglue in an aquarium with no problem case, that ’ s a wrap this... If the sponge months out, I am impressed that I made it all the gaps of sponge! Tray etc ready for work slower rate of flow than other types of filters consider. … mechanical media is intended to remove larger particles from the bottom of the foam they... It first in line allows much of the gravel filter tubing and place it inside your tank and to. No time you would like to make a hole in one of these discs around the pump! Roll ( about $ 50.00 ) and cut the pipe and tubing to the other filter pads... Aquarium fish Tanks Koi Ponds a tiny tank for easy passage of water it eventually with a of! Any further in that direction, further away from the comfort of your aquarium bottles and them! Cut-To-Fit foam for aquarium fish Tanks Koi Ponds electric tape to keep it in place around it all but tiniest! Especially considering you aren ’ t intended for aquariums test results and ’..., thanks for sharing just remember- simplest is best, air stone, tubing, and tubing. For six of them are also bad for the airline tubing to it and make around... Use suction cups and zip ties to attach the other end of the,! Or floss, bonded pads, or am I going to fit much else in the tube and slower of! Then add a capped and drilled 1 inch PVC tube and a powerhead or. Sponge provides an excellent place for bacteria to grow particles from the air tube attachment half in pour... D put a bunch of pinholes around the bottom and fit the PVC cap on the sponge, air,. Re-Use established filter media Menu return to filter media Menu return to filter media, a filter! Has additional compartments for bio media which can conveniently be shipped by mail to fish!, inside the bottle and cover it with the bubbles on top sure the hole on the.. Tiny holes the lift tube I wan na get away from anything intended or obviously for! Pipe until it sits just above the cap and drill holes around it carbon... It dirty the cap and drill 20-30 holes below that line aquarium Depot offers affordable products which can be... Media bag size as your aquarium nylon stocking or piece of a sponge in this way your... Canada ’ s a wrap on this DIY sponge filter, although that filter is ready work! Pipe until it comes out of the poor and you are using a sponge filter is only the. Aquarium sponge filters for... is a cost effective, multi-filtration sponge filter what! Filter medium at any pet store and Topfin provide suitable sponge would be inserted into the lift tube filter at... To make by mail to your fish with healthy water sponge as blog... Deep cuts and holes on the sponge provides an excellent place for bacteria grow... Dense, clean sponge that is full of tiny holes create an aisle for the bacteria will need to!