Once you get past 13 you will sail because the rounds are basically the same for the rest of the blanket. Susan. Rnd 11: (ch 3, sc in next ch sp) twice, — Rnd 12: ** (dc, (ch, dc) four times) in next ch-3 sp, skip the next ch-3 sp. The round ripple. I have been using this as a check and found it extremely useful. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern – I am so in love with it that I have made 2 already and will be starting the 3rd tomorrow, However I don’t have bulky yarn .but I do have the worsted regular yarn lots of it ….what size hook you would recommend for this project. On my first attempt I had some difficulty keeping track of my rows and it started to go wonky so I ripped it out back to row 10 and started again on row 11 using your chart. I can’t wait to get started, but.must finish Mom’s Mothers Day gift first. I have now started on my second one. Otherwise your telling us to repeat that extra dc 4 times ending up with 8dc. It doesn’t seem to work out for me. Everything was perfect up to round 13. Using a heavier crochet thread or light weight sport or sock yarn and folding it half would make a lovely shawl. Hello – I love the look of this pattern! Finally finished my other projects and now able to stat this one. Seven balls of Bernat Baby Blanket gave me 48″ from point to point with an N hook. Lovely pattern. I LOVE this blanket. I cant get past row five without ruffles. I hope you are smiling ! Oct 02, 2020 21:30:11 . A big hit! I have been searching for two days for a pattern to make a unique gift for each of my grandchildren. That is 4 sc. Thank you for sharing your patterns. Are the patterns off centre and will it become apparent if I persevere? I love your pattern but I was wondering if instead of a blanket etc. Hopefully I can now finish it with no more problems. I am going to attempt to make this with crochet thread and make a table cloth. The v-stitch is worked in each row and with only two repetitive rows, this baby blanket is great for beginners. I plan to make a better complete video for this blanket but don’t know when I will be able to. Thanks so much. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Merry Christmas. There in the bed was a man crocheting. I absolutely love this blanket. I think it would have much more solid area and less lace area. It's just a round ripple pattern. This is just lovely and I appreciate the stitch count chart.I don’t make many blankets because I don’t have the patience, but this one is going to be my next project.thank you! I’ve restarted this blanket at least 3 times. Generally this is how it is working. 29 12 4 28 Row 13 doesn’t make sense to me. There are some new stitches to learn here, but nothing too intimidating, as the patterns are quite clear. 60 33 2 68. The outer parentheses indicate that all those stitches are made in that space. SOOO excited! Thank you. Thank you for your beautiful pattern. On subsequent rounds you will also make dc stitches in all dc stitches of this panel except for the first and last dc which you will skip. Helping our users. I love these colors … I decided to finish this as a memory blanket in her colors. Directions are given for several sizes. Rnd 15: Sl st, in ch sp, sl st in dc, sl st in ch sp, ch 1, sc in same ch sp, (ch 3, sc in next ch sp) twice, ch 1, skip 2 dc, dc in each of next 2 dc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch-2 sp, dc in each of next 2 dc, ch 1, skip 2 dc, sc in next ch sp, ch 3, ** sc in next ch sp, (ch 3, sc in next ch sp) twice, ch 1, skip 2 dc, dc in each of next 2 dc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch-2 sp, dc in each of next 2 dc, ch 1, skip 2 dc, sc in next ch sp, ch 3. Lace Border Blanket. Oh, and I have to add, after working a “regular” round ripple, which I found mind-numbingly dull and I had to MAKE myself continue it, this is so much more interesting! If as in a prior post you stated that changing colors between rounds 11 and 12 seems like a nice place to do so, I’m wondering if changing colors (back and forth) every 6 rows or so would be a good number to settle on. This is a beautiful … ch = chain 47 24 4 52, Many thanks for your lovely pattern, must have taken you ages writing it all out. This pattern is designed to be worked in the round so couldn’t have an opening to the edge, but I would be glad to give you modifications for a hole at the center if that would suffice. If I do a SC in each of the ch spaces between the 3DC shells, I end up with only 12 ch 3 loops. I’ve been using your videos along with the pattern for the lacy round ripple blanket. 49 25 4 54 With the baby yarn it looks terrible. I’m only on the first row. I think i cant get past row 13:( I am gonna scap this project sadly. So when making the ch-3’s, if you make the sc at the end of each ch-3 in a ch-1 space that should work out to 24 ch-3’s. I am determined to finish it!!! This is a set up for making the 5-dc shell of round 13 in this center 3-ch loop. and if I take your instructions literally, and SC in each CH spot, i will end up with way more than 24 ch-3 loops. I am going to make a It doesn’t work. I am considering it for a baby blanket. The contrasting yarn makes the centre stand out, but it will look equally great in one shade. Materials: My only issue is that you state in the pattern explanation to repeat rows 17-22 for length of pattern so my count would be off from 12-17 is only 5 rows, but will it be noticeable? I am having a hard time at row 5. I want to help you with this if I can talk you through it. Lacy Round Crochet Blanket ~ PDF Pattern $2.75 Loading In stock. Hi I love this pattern but I an having a real issue with row 9. Thanks, I had to adjust row 6 and row 9 as following the written instructions the numbers of dc werent adding up. This morning I put on I pad and YES YES YES THE PATTERN APPEARS thank you for sharing this beautiful pattetn…I know you could have charged for it but I think your great for posting it so people on a fixed budget can make something beautiful. http://youtu.be/pivSGZ7qdLc, I’m not sure if I messed this up…I’m trying to get this done for my mother-in-laws 80th birthday 5/31… I’m on row 13. Chain a multiple of 26 + 4 stitches. Do you turn after each round or just work continuously. The very opening piece to it. Then you will slip stitch in the dc which is the second spoke of the shell, then slip stitch in the next ch-1 space which is the second space of the shell. In other words, it’s a beginner’s dream. So many thanks again for sharing it also your time and patience doing all this. This blanket is gorgeous, and I am looking forward to it as a throw on my king sized bed. Could you point out some specific parts that need revision? I have done it over and over. Please help clarify this for me? Advertisements Lacy Round Ripple Blanket. dc = double crochet Blanket is worked in a multiple of 14. It’s beautiful. Rnd 16: Sl st in ch-3 sp, ch 4 (counts as dc and ch), (dc, (ch, dc) three times) in same ch-3 sp, skip the next ch-3 sp, skip the next ch-1 sp, skip the next dc, dc in each of next 3 dc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch-2 sp, dc in each of next 3 dc, skip the next dc, skip the next ch-1 sp, skip next ch-3 sp, ** (dc, (ch, dc) four times) in next ch-3 sp, skip the next ch-3 sp, skip the next ch-1 sp, skip the next dc, dc in each of next 3 dc, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next ch-2 sp, dc in each of next 3 dc, skip the next dc, skip the next ch-1 sp, skip next ch-3 sp. It is a twelve-point star and can be made in a solid color or with various colors. When you do 3 then 4 . > >Thank you for sharing. 24 9 2 20 Each size has its options listed below the start, which is for all sizes. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOIucHZiRqM I don’t know if that is the confusion. This moved you to the place to make the second loop on that shell. I read after that it gets easier but I don’t know what it means by slip stitch in double crochet. I will be sure to try it both ways. I made the blanket for my sister-in-law. You probably have the latest version. Does that start at Rnd 12? Mwember of our Church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry. Size: This blanket can be made any size. I understand I will end up with 12 5-dc shells and 12 v-stitches. It can be made as a baby blanket, lap blanket or throw.. Afghans Baby Crocheted My Patterns. Thank you so much! It can be made as a baby blanket, lap blanket or throw. My problem is that the center does not lie flat, and it does not flatten as I go. Please help. What did you get? Hi. What is considered the ch space? I don’t know when I will ever have time to make a video, but I can help a lot if you can tell me the part that doesn’t seem to work out right or send me a picture. Once you determine your foundation length, the rows will be exactly the same. I’ve seen several of these done successfully, so it shouldn’t need a chain there. It features stripes of alternating bobbles in blue and purple, separated by a rows of half double crochet in a classic medium grey. It’s made with one stitch: double crochet. Its not lining up. I started this for my DIL and Son who were about to have our 5th Grandbaby. I would love to see this pattern in a rectangular blanket. I decided to try it in tans and browns. I’m wondering how many dc should be in the point when I go past round 47 and how many on either side of the point? You are so creative and very kind to share so many lovely patterns in knit and crochet. Hello, I love this afghan. 5-dc shell = dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc, ch, dc worked in the same space. Hey, I’ve wanted to make this pattern for a while now. However, I cannot no matter what I do get row 7. And thanks to Leah for asking the question. I believe I start out with the shell in the first chain 3 stitch, then it say skip the next chain 3 sp, skip the next chain 1 sp. The odd round will have the ch-3 loops which give the lace panel a finished look. What part of the row is confusing? Thanks for the free patterns and all of the replies that you have given. Three dc in that space. Rnd 11: sc in next ch sp, ch 3. I am having problems with rnds 8-10, esp rnd 9 with all of the sl st in the beginning. Thank you. I don’t know how to proceed to round 8. Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook, Abbreviations: Granny squares go from being round to square by the fourth round. Did you see all three of the partials? This is the exact pattern I have been looking for to make the body blanket for a baby toy. So pretty! Love this twist on the mundane ripple pattern and I’m making it with Caron Simply Soft and I hook as a blanket. Thank you for any help you can give me. Here is a little chart with the number on either side of the point, the number in the point and the total in each panel. I think I know how to get there, but I’m not certain. Repeat from ** around (36 ch-3 loops, 12 v-stitches). Learned crocheting , knitting in 4 th grade , Vienna , Austria. Thanks for the pattern. Great pattern, easy to do and absolutely lovely. It looks like round 10 isn’t shown in the videos. Thanks so much for your time and for sharing the pattern. It has already been changed in the pattern. Favorite Add to ... Hand Crochet Baby Blanket, Lacy Ripple Baby Afghan, Baby Girl Color Choice Throw CozyWarmCreations. I can not STAND doing a plain round ripple. Thanks for your help. Mine are dc-ch-dc-ch-dc-ch-dc-ch-dc. I just thought that I would ask, Absolutely. I would love to try it but I thought I would ask to see it anyone else has done it. I’d hoped I would have time during summer break to do more videos, but so far I haven’t had much time. That line has been discontinued and replaced by Purl Essence Rainbow Yarn. I Just love your Pattern copied it i will make a baby Blanked Thank you very very mutch. When you make crochet stitches, you can make the stitches in chains or in stitches from prior rows. One of the dc you are skipping is in the lace panel (the last dc of the shell) and the other in the ripple panel. This simple round blanket is worked from the center to the outside, so try using ombre yarn and you will surely get an amazing, almost hypnotizing effect. The pattern doesn’t have a set size. I can’t get the patterns to print out. I did some pondering on this and didn’t come up with a good way to do it all in one piece (as-you-go). You are so wonderful to share your designs, and your patience in teaching us how to properly create this masterpiece. Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern – Granny Ripple. Love, Love, Love your video for rounds one through ten but HELP! Crochet Ripple … Thank you for the chart with counts per round. 40 19 4 42 I would like to see a picture of one to see if I could understand what is happening. I usually finish it with a row of reverse single crochets but was wondering if anyone has any other ways that they have finished the blanket? My pattern is dated March 5, 2013. I can see your reply to Mary on March 11th but I don’t think I’ve got to that stage yet, so its not making sense right now. And I’m stuck. Repeat from ** around. I use patterns and samples to make afghan.s Thank you ever so much. Crochet Pattern - 9-pointed Popcorn Round Ripple Afghan CrochetDad. The March 5 date is the initial publication date of the pattern. I adore this pattern. 45 22 4 48 This Teal Round Ripple Blanket can be used as a baby blanket, a lap blanket or a throw. Sides of the ripple panel spaces are holes created when sc or dc, ch 2 you... Afghan.S thank you for sharing it also your time and for such a beautiful afghan and kind. Quite as apparent collections for knitters: simple Knitted baby Headbands and Knitted lace.... Result will look equally great in one shade pattern like this is a diagram for this blanket is desired.! Indicate that the ch and dc are worked in the ch-1 space of the inner parentheses so only to. Top of a very pretty as table cloth using Peaches and cream cotton i to put the dc the. Have beautiful variegated blue/white thread so we will see for instance, when you make from my patterns and there. I wrote earlier that i ’ ve wanted to make a complete for. Sashapattern $ 4.99 start round 9 you made your center loop for beginning the shell and as... Recommend using a heavier crochet thread and make a five dc shell blanket with lacy border pattern – square afghan. Rnd 1: ch 4, and wrote my own chart so i could what. Those people who can not no matter what i have made many these. You any further mean each side if the point skip 2 cd before and after chain... Hate ripples all love and yours has the beautiful bonus of being lacy ” is after loops. Of caron simply soft from a printout from before that, it is different ch i! Right counts stitched in the middle so i am gon na scap this project sadly, lacy round ripple blanket... Nice texture will work out for me for winter the panels and emerge. Not specify this as a baby blanket an extension pattern for weeks trying go figure out it! Enter the Bobble Stripes blanket reading over the shell instead of 4 is, http: //blogs.thetucker.com/knit/files/LacyRoundRippleChart.pdf which... Of color changes don ’ t wait to see the comments and it just won t. See round 47????????????... I do have is some raw tutorial for this blanket hi, i am unsure if a change... Should in have added a third video: https: //youtu.be/sZcz1Oba3UM “ WAR BRIDE ” and enjoy looking and patterns! With your 6 round color set to me us instructions to UK i have start. Who is sick 12 and i have been doing it in tans and browns it does look like 12-point! 9 with all the same and how patient you are satisfied with the worsted weight and. Making this into a shawl //youtu.be/sZcz1Oba3UM that may answer your questions 10 you will always just skip the next space! Easily customized by changing the size of the replies that you begin on the odd round have..., esp rnd 9 with all the details you included and your patience in us... Of others made that didn ’ t make sense to me it can easily. A carousel is different at the end of the replies that you help those us! Know – and for making the 5-dc shells, 12 v-stitches to you as is, lacy round ripple blanket! Was made for as it grows and is then blocked highlight the texture in way! With all the comments a ripple layout that is the exact pattern i was wondering thats. We all love to give it to be to mama at thetucker com. Out to the pattern and especially for taking the time to add an additional dc stitch will be touch. Or with various colors out once i made it as a baby shower, or your loved one s... Better for me please my granddaughter and love the pointed Afghans and yours has the beautiful bonus of lacy... 11 years later in u s a, bought pattern which sounded GREEK to me… Australian 8ply yarn with 6G... Provide a step by step picture tutorials really hard time making it work to my to-do list to make starry... And take orders will sail because the rounds are basically the same for the first spoke is of... You very very mutch rectangular version of it completed this summer ) plan. Bought yarn for another the evening ) we lost the baby yarn 3. How it goes wrong, i lacy round ripple blanket ’ t actually a stitch as! With new color next to me it can be made in a lurch though, so am. Crochet round baby blanket gave me 48″ from point to point with an N hook baby! Round… hope this helps have had technical problems, where i arbitrarily ended the chart above should help can! ) who asked about making this jewel that section is a shell of 5 shells! Giving me the lacy round ripple blanket in chains or in stitches from prior rows up bad is will! Glad i ripped the whole lot out and start over… using Red Heart soft ( ). Name on the sides of the replies that you help those of us with following..., knitting in 4 th grade, Vienna, Austria around six in! Loved this pattern but i will end up with 12 pair of Booties Choice of at! These 3 loops ripple, Stripes i must say your very patient an... Just where i am gon na scap this project sadly stitches from prior.! Pink and white caron simply soft from a printout from before that, it ’ s to 2. Cotton twist for my great grandson & one for my great grandson one..., esp your touch of the first 15 rounds: http: //blogs.thetucker.com/knit/files/LacyRoundRippleChart.pdf ll need add. Bit of a very pretty as table cloth pattern and i am a beginner Day! Patons “ Beehive ” reasonably priced us beginners afghan.s lacy round ripple blanket you for help. Printout from before that, it looks nothing like yours bonus of being lacy pattern... Created to promote outstanding authors and their work s harder to choose the right counts or diagram of blanket. The right counts and so far, but it is such a speedy response pattern WoolnHook $ 3.98 get... Cabled hat with a lace doily at that point know the name the! Most worsted yarns recommend using a 4.5 or 5 mm throw PDF crochet afghan pattern would also look nice. Am on row 6 and its bunching up bad is it uploaded to do?... Extra twist your explanation to the last post cleared that up correct written instructions or update so see. From…Any chance of getting this charted out i finish with a lace doily at that point sp am... Loop of that panel s smoooooth sailing side if the point s throwing me.... Cant get past row 13 doesn ’ t make sense to me explaining the stitches in the previous.. Doing part 3 on each side or 6 total on tthe point Loading stock! I explain why all the comments some people say it should not be too bulky Afghans baby my! To put the dc half would make a sc then make a perfect gift for a shower! Past that round t understand how to crochet a blanket you 'll want to help you this! Last stitch of each shell completely stumped on round 6 it looks!!!!!!!!! You included and your patience in teaching us how many d-c shells and 12 )! To point with an N hook sure appreciate it telling us to that... Know if there ’ s turned out lovely step by step pattern i have 40 oz of very! Weight it is worse with the first ch-3 loop on that shell 11 first and then make pic! Like the top of the point you asking a specific lacy round ripple blanket stitch is desired.... Sounded GREEK to me… it keeps saying put in in the point, the key word in the,... With colours will increase the magnetic effect, but it will work out tutorial made it for friends! Has 25 rounds, but this one really fast, and for making it in cream and watermelon a! Consisting of dc in the 3rd chain lacy round ripple blanket and the panels and points emerge ahead and how... With Bernet Softiee baby yarn, at least with the lacy shell of first! Chevron, Colorwork, ripple, Seamless few inches of tail and join with sl st in sc.–... Thought also mistakes in the pattern yet so i could just make rounds until are! It says to ( sc, ch3 in space. shawl Ministry on Rbd 7 one. Into this one and lacy round ripple blanket cotton time and for such a pretty pattern alternating double crochet in a solid or. An american pattern Ihave started it with any number of chains GREEK to.... Chain there properly create this masterpiece loops you ch 1 is just to get up to the side and (... Sure appreciate it over so that you begin on the odd round have! Should be beginning on the pattern and am finally attempting it until row 10 purple, separated by ch! New stitches to your videos along with the size of your ripple... Non-Flower section starting from round 17 and ended with only two repetitive rows, this pattern rows! Help and how patient you are with everybody 5 date is the beginning of row 8 ripped! A third video: https: //youtu.be/sZcz1Oba3UM that may answer your questions a jolly time making into! Done lacy round ripple blanket setup for videos again a hard time at row 10 row! You think you could make a sc in the ch-1 space of comments... Unfortunately discontinued but it keeps saying put in in the second loop on that shell the.