Jonas doesn’t tell her the real reason he’s refusing her, because it sounds too far fetched. Found out about time travel from Bartosz. Helge was like a son to him, starting in childhood, until he realized in middle age that what they were doing was wrong. As a young teen, she lives alone with her father and spends the hours after school riding along with him in his industrial cleaning service van. Maintenance worker at the nuclear power plant. We’ll see Ulrich act out this philosophy when Katharina is overwhelmed with responsibilities and not up for sex, while Hannah is feeling rejected by her husband and lonely, so Ulrich takes advantage of the situation while his wife is right upstairs. 1987 Old Ulrich taunted Egon over Doris leaving him, while bringing up his alcoholism from season 1- which had disappeared in season 2. She’s a good cook and a down to earth soul who feeds Jonas a hearty meal and uses common sense with him. Helge is first introduced as an old man living out his life in the Winden rest home for the elderly in Season 1. As different characters go off in search of the boys, certain truths come to light revealing that each respective member from four local families have bigger parts to play than they realized in the past, present, and future of Winden. And maybe of Benni’s relation to the rest of Winden? Also known as the Stranger. Clausen’s letter was similar to the letter Young Noah gave to Stranger Jonas at the end of S2Ep8. (Jonas goes into the truck to get some cesium 137.) Or for them to have remained friends when she left him. Dark Gold 4. Aleksander Tiedemann, 1986-87, 2019-20, director of the nuclear power plant. Frequently visited Benni in the past, but promised Charlotte he’d stop and has kept his promise. Dark Season 3 comes out tomorrow! Object of Peter Doppler’s desire. Adopted in 1986 by Ines Kahnwald and raised as Michael Kahnwald. Katharina Nielsen, 1986-87, 2019-20. Tells her to call their mom, so Mom is still living, though unnamed. I think at some points, maybe always, Tannhaus a member of Sic Mundus who faithfully follows Adam’s orders. Recognizes every version of Claudia as if she hasn’t aged, proving that the time travelers aren’t fundamentally changed by the experience, or at least Claudia hasn’t been. Pastor of the Sic Mundus cover church, but doesn’t believe in God. Time Traveler. (Time?) Uses a spherical, golden time traveling device which appears to be descended from the device in the wooden box. We don’t see what happens to them. Severely bullied by Katharina and Ulrich when she was a teenager. School principal. Calls in Egon to help her. Dark Destiny 14. She’s tricked into dating Bartosz when he lies to her about where Jonas is and what he’s doing over the summer. In 1986, he and Claudia have been having an affair, but she wants to break it off. In Cycle 1, Helge did Noah’s dirty work. Time travels to 1953 and is later arrested there for allegedly kidnapping Child Helge and murdering 2 boys, after he brutally tried to kill Child Helge and locked him in the bunker. Brings on the June 27, 2020 apocalypse. Tannahaus as well as the wife of Peter and mother of Franziska and Elisabeth. Massage therapist. Daughter of Father Noah and Elisabeth. As an older adult, presumed to become a member of Sic Mundus and travel to 1921 to work with Adam. He realizes that Mikkel is his father and tries to bring him home, but discovers that he can’t change the past. Franziska Doppler, 2019-20. He meets Adult Noah again. By Season 2, she is working with Peter to learn more about time travel after connecting the dots in Season 1. Founder and original director of the Winden nuclear power plant. Lacy Baugher is a digital producer by day, but a television enthusiast pretty much all the time. [5] [6] [7] It ran for three seasons from 2017 to 2020. Maybe just a touch insane. Mikkel isn’t sure how to get home and is later adopted by nurse Ines Kahnwald. Hannah (Krüger) Kahnwald, 1954, 1986-87, 2019-2020. When Egon questioned him about his disappearance and showed him Old Claudia’s picture, he called her the White Devil. Was in a nursing home with dementia in 2019. It’s also possible that by “mother” he was referring to a stepmother who he married soon after Doris left and remained married to for decades. Each of my Dark season 1 recaps also has a character list which only shows the characters and their connections up to that point in the season- no spoilers! Rescued by Stranger Jonas as the June 27, 2020 apocalypse was starting. Given Charlotte’s age, he’s old enough for there to be a third version of him, as there is with Claudia and Tronte, but the adult version also serves as the old version, as far as the audience is shown. She was suicidally depressed by the time season 2 started, holding a gun to her head just before Stranger Jonas finally came home. Charlotte Doppler, 1986, 2019-20. Mads Nielsen disappeared after walking her home. Noah was their drug supplier. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The one tragedy in Bartosz’s life is that he does seem to have always cared deeply about Martha, while she’s always been interested in Jonas. Eric Obendorf’s father and drug dealing partner. In Season 2, an elder Ulrich is introduced in 1987. Had some prior connection to Noah that made him an interesting choice for the job. Charlotte’s guardian/adoptive grandfather. Rescued from something as a child by Stranger Jonas, along with Young Noah, and brought to Sic Mundus and/or Adam. Noah was born in Winden some time at the turn of the century and began working with Adam as a teenager in 1921 — something we learn in Season 2. Has extramarital affair with Hannah Kahnwald in 2019. We haven’t been shown what happened to her or Charlotte. Seems to be just below Torben in police rankings. Warning: Huge spoilers ahead for Dark Season 2. Time Traveler. But in a show that’s so obsessed with Pandora’s box and Original Sin, I have to think that they have something special in mind for Charlotte and Elisabeth, the mother daughter pair who both follow the rules, are faithful to their men, love their families and communities and are wise, intelligent leaders. Hannah’s livelihood was threatened by the shutdown of the nuclear power plant, which would have affected many in the town, not just the plant employees. We also flash back to 1953 and meet Helge as a young boy who pines for Claudia and is brutally beaten almost to death by 2019 Ulrich. Had a baby boy who she says died soon after he was born. She was already alone after losing her husband and her son to to the Time Gods within less than 6 months of each other, leaving her without family of her own. Agnes: We first meet Agnes in Season 1. Torben’s sibling. Except he doesn’t do that, all he does is rescue her and give her a brief explanation of how time, time travel and the God particle work, then they’re separated while she rescues Regina and goes to the bunker, and he goes to get Martha and Hannah. Was in an unhappy marriage in 1953. Probably Claudia, since Alt Martha’s using technology that’s more likely to have been developed by Claudia. Noah, 1921, 1953-4, 1986-87, 2019-20. Brothr to original, missing Aleksander Köhler. Her husband’s other wife has many children and taunts Hannah, which Hannah endures with quiet dignity. Goes on a hunger strike to help starving children. He is an old man when he is introduced in Season 2 but it’s difficult to say how old he is because extensive time travel has left him physically scarred. By the beginning of season 2, the chair suddenly has a port for cesium 137 and works tolerably well, but we never see it again. Claudia wants him to keep quiet about the connection between time travel, the caves and the disappearances, while he wants to report it. Jonas begins investigating Mikkel’s disappearance and learns about time travel, eventually finding Mikkel in 1986. Bartosz’ grandmother. Perhaps the world without Jonas that Claudia said she’d seen? From her point of view, he takes a misogynist, patriarchal view of the situation and casts her aside. As in the story of Joseph, they don’t always die. Time Traveler. According to Tronte, before they moved to Winden she was sad and he was living in an orphanage. Says he’s Old Jonas. In Cycle 2, Noah frequently told Young Noah that they were only going through with something because it was the only way to get to the Adult Noah who was speaking. He’s already told us that he didn’t write his own book or invent his own inventions. Shot and killed Old Claudia in 1954. Is some kind of revenge on the entire town of Winden his ultimate motivation? During season 1, Charlotte tries to keep her investigation by the book, with just a few small irregularities, like the use of the wildlife camera. At the filming location of "Dark" Follow us on Instagram Who is who - Overview with family tree of the families in season 1 of the Netflix series "Dark" Nielsen, Kahnwald, Doppler und Tiedemann. She might be Jonas’ daughter, based on similarities between her nickname and her relationship with Jonas to Jonas’ relationship with Mikkel. Police officer. Bernd Doppler, 1953, 1986-87. He is the author of A Journey Through Time, the pivotal text used by Sic Mundus, Ulrich, the elder Claudia, and older Jonas to navigate time travel. He gave Claudia her copy of A Journey Through Time with the hope that it would help her understand him. She borrows the time machine and travels to 1954. Time Traveler. She sticks with Ulrich through everything and she never gives up on finding Mikkel. Martha Nielsen, 2019-20. Stranger Jonas allows her to take his light and map of the caves. She was forced to close it after the disappearances started. The mystery-drama series introduces an intricate puzzle filled with twists that includes a web of curious characters, all of whom have a connection to the town's troubled history -- whether they know it or not. Or maybe she means she loved the child’s father, but not Bernd, and Helge forced her into marriage with the first man she could find. Rescues Young Jonas from the shockwave caused by the series of events at the power plant that begins with Clausen ordering a barrel of hazardous waste opened up and ends with Adult Elizabeth and Adult Charlotte touching hands through a 33 year rift in time. Helge grew close to Father Noah while he was a child in 1986, and remained close to him for decades. He has a tattoo of the Emerald Tablet which covers his entire back. Bernd’s wife. The Girl from the Future. Former boyfriend of Martha and former best friend of Jonas. Honestly, can you imagine Bartosz digging in the tunnels, alone with just one other man, without complaining about the hard labor he was doing? Ulrich got stuck in 1953 after traveling back further than expected in Season 1. The end credits call him “Man in Cave“. At the end of the season, she is seen touching hands with Charlotte through a time window and could potentially be transported through time because of that. Given the mystery surrounding the letters, there is always the possibility that everything about Clausen’s story is a lie and he is a Sic Mundus plant as well, sent to start the apocalypse and dispose of Aleksander/Boris. She is first seen in 2019 as the owner of the Winden Waldhotel and is seen later in the season as a nerdy high schooler in 1986 who is bullied mercilessly by Katharina. Travels a lot on business. He’s a good man and a slow and methodical detective, which causes the other detectives to lose patience with him and his methods. Claudia’s childhood dog. Pushes Noah to find the missing pages of the triquetra diary, knowing it will lead him to murder Claudia and try to murder Adam. Then Jonas spends an extended period in a mental health facility after his Michael’s suicide. Discovers that she’s radioactive. Hanged himself on 6/21/19. Adam claims to be Old Jonas, but has never revealed any knowledge of Jonas’ life that only the 2 of them would know or shown the scar that Stranger showed to his mother to prove his identity. The pathologist discovered that she was highly radioactive. She’d been drawn into an affair with Ulrich during a particularly vulnerable time in her life, when her husband’s mental illness was causing him to reject her, then take his own life. Hannah moves away from petty dramas in Season 1 and becomes more involved with the machinations of time travel after Jonas, as an adult, comes to see her in 2020 and explain what’s going on. I did more detailed analysis of both Ulrich and Egon in From the Horned God to Dionysus: The Men and Mythology of Netflix’s Dark. She spends season 1 trying to save her hotel, but is unable to keep it open because the string of disappearances and the plant closing reduce tourism in Winden. Claudia shares very little information with him, when he could be such an ally. Magnus Nielsen, 1921, 2019-20. She’s involved in a fair amount of the story, for a character who’s kept at a distance, literally, in her parking lot at the edge of town, and figuratively, as a character who affects main characters’ actions but isn’t shown much. Saved from the apocalypse by sheltering in the bunker with Peter, Young Noah, Adult Regina and Adult Claudia. She doesn’t make much official progress and the list of the missing grows. Helped create the passage. Meanwhile, Stranger Jonas spends season 2 telling his mom and his mom’s friends about time travel and Winden’s/Sic Mundus’ secrets. series, including characters from both the manga and anime series. He actually does seem lucid, right up to the end, but no one understands that he’s talking about time travel and Noah, so he repeats himself frequently and tries to solve the problem himself. Is he the Count of Monte Cristo? Oddly, though her main relationship is with Peter, we haven’t seen them speak together, only in montage. Doris Tiedemann, 1953-54. Time Traveler. So his name is both secretive and a clue that he’s a storyteller, maybe not what he seems. Tronte’s mother, Doris’ lover, Noah’s sister, Ulrich’s grandmother. But the original Aleksander could be hiding almost anywhere, from the early days of Sic Mundus to the post apocalypse in the 2050s. He gets Jonas to show him how the time machine works, including the use of cesium 137 and the port that’s waiting for it, at the very end of season 1. Sends Jonas to save his father when he knows it will end in Michael’s death. She and Jonas have a connection. She accepts Stranger Jonas as a version of Jonas and decides she doesn’t care that she and Jonas are close relatives. Dark is a German science fiction thriller streaming television series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Ines Kahnwald: We first meet Ines in 2019 in the immediate aftermath of her son Michael’s death by suicide. No information on when he fathered Peter or with who. The plaque of the Emerald Tablet, which shows up in multiple time periods, hangs in the bedroom where Jonas sleeps. Police officer. Tannhaus is a link between Claudia and Jonas in the cycle of the development of time travel. Still there in 1987. Briefly time travels to 1987 with the teens so that Bartosz can prove time travel is real. Claudia Tiedemann: Claudia is the daughter of Egon, mother of Regina, and grandmother of Bartosz. That thread also runs through Dark. Time Traveler. Daughter of Claudia. Husband of Jana, father of Ulrich and Mads, son of Agnes and lover of Claudia. She figures out that this is the stupid stuff that bring on the end of Winden, and goes to the power plant to try to stop him from causing the apocalypse. Journalist. She does kill the French delegation for trespassing onto the other side of the wall where the remains of the power plant and the God particle are. Stranger sat under a Macbeth poster in Martha’s room in season 2, then created 3 witches who know the future, based on the 3 traditional fates- Hannah, Charlotte and Katharina. Meet the new characters bringing the drama and suspense to Season 2 of Poldark, starring Aidan Turner, Sundays Sept. 25-Nov. 27 on MASTERPIECE on PBS. By the end of the season, Martha, Charlotte, Hannah, Katharina and Peter are all fully informed because of him, and all but Martha survive the season. Dies on the day of the apocalypse, 6/27/20. Meanwhile, Stranger Jonas spends season 2 telling his mom and his mom’s friends about time travel and Winden’s/Sic Mundus’ secrets. There are hints that her younger self might be working with her older Sic Mundus self. And Charlotte’s post apocalyptic fate may also be important. She and Ulrich don’t stop until Aleksander threatens them with a gun. Only time will tell. Values her independence, but also fights to keep her family together. Jürgen briefly appeared early in season 2 as a reminder of how long some parents have been helplessly waiting for news of the missing children. Deaf, communicates using sign language. Left Panel: Hannah, Jonas; Doris; Egon, Claudia; Regina, Aleksander/Boris; Bartosz. Dies on the day of the apocalypse, 6/27/20. He interacts with the elder Claudia, 1987 Claudia, the older Jonas, and 2019 Ulrich both in 1953 and 2019. The attitude is that women must be entertaining and stay out of men’s way or men are justified in tossing them aside, maybe even murdering them, the way Theseus murders Ariadne when he tires of her in the most misogynist versions of the story. Grandson of Agnes. Is left for dead on the floor when Jonas escapes the apocalypse with her alternate self using a Golden Time Snitch. Leader of Sic Mundus. Winden police chief. Disappears from the season 2 story once Egon and Claudia find out about her affair and Agnes gets what she wants from her. We only ever see Peter in the present day (2019-2020) in Seasons 1 and 2. This leads her to confess her feelings to his slightly younger 2019 self later in the evening. Then she has 5 more children. Characters that have not appeared in the anime are represented with art from the manga. At the end of Season 2, it’s implied she is one of the adult members of Sic Mundus living and working for Adam from their headquarters in 1921. Ines is deep in grief and is often seen in 2019 alone in her apartment. Considers the plant his legacy and doesn’t want the accident made public. Has a lifelong off and on friendship, sometimes with benefits, with Tronte, which he wishes was more. Claudia knew all of this would happen, of course. He is the show’s archetype for putting things before people. Has a romantic reunion with Young Jonas just before she’s fridged shot by Adam as the shockwave is starting. She’s never given credit for this, on or off screen. Ulrich and Katharina left Magnus and Martha behind. Briefly kidnapped by Noah in 2019 and returned with a pocket watch of Charlotte’s. Responsible for the truck with the radioactive yellow barrels while they couldn’t be stored at the power plant. Starts affair with Agnes while still married to Egon. They may have all had understandable reasons, or they may have had alternatives they didn’t explore, but the pattern is there, and suggests Jonas will also leave any children he has. He’s a devoted husband to Regina and a loving, if distant and distracted, father to Bartosz, but we know nothing of his family before he arrived in Winden in 1987. May or may not be Helge’s bio dad, but still loves him. Wife/lover of Noah. When we meet him he’s stolen Jonas’ girlfriend by telling lies about his best friend in the name of covering up where Jonas was all summer. In 1987, he’s dying from cancer. Daniel’s daughter. Dying of breast cancer. Continues to investigate old cases involving Helge and Ulrich after he retires. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Features Many Fan-Favorite Character Returns Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu & … As an adult, she keeps a box of family photos buried in the woods next to an old airplane. Hannah loves him, but he keeps her at a distance. Encourages him to forget about the life he had before she adopted him. . The pathologist found that the birds’ eardrums and internal navigation systems were destroyed. He could be Noah’s brother. Helge’s mother. He doesn’t do the physical stealing himself, but he helps set the stage so Sic Mundus can be in the right place at the right time. Has philosophical discussions with Noah, maybe more of a relationship. Katharina becomes consumed with finding Mikkel by the time Season 2 rolls around and could potentially be going back to 1987 as her adult self in Season 3. As his Adult self, The Stranger, he travels to Winden via the passage  in November 2019 and takes a room in Regina’s hotel. In season 2, she’s too ill to leave her home because she’s dying from breast cancer. Tells Young Jonas that he’s declared war on time and seeks to create a new world order with no time and no death. His older self helps create the apocalypse by doing something to the Sic Mundus God particle at the right time. Granddaughter of Noah. Accepted his fate. She met her husband Aleksander when Katahrina and Ulrich were harassing her because they thought she’d turned Ulrich in for rape. Falsely accused by Teen Hannah of raping Teen Katharina in 1986. Despite the title of “task force”, he’s the only person sent to Winden. Has anyone checked to see if Adam’s scarring is even real? There’s a reason Claudia and Hannah are the villains and Martha had to die. But some do, such as amongst Adam and Eve’s sons. It’s revealed in Season 1 that she has terminal cancer, which we see her dealing with in 2020 during Season 2. Jonas’ mother. Copyright Cathy Munson-Klein, Sarah Munson and © 2016-2019. Center Panel: Hannah, Jonas, Michael/Mikkel, Ines; Peter, Charlotte, Franziska, Elisabeth; Aleksander,Bartosz, Regina; Ulrich, Magnus, Martha, Katharina, Mikkel; Silja, Noah, Agnes. Aleksander Tiedemann’s own past is very murky and he could be anything from a murderer who got lucky when he came to Winden to an operative planted by Claudia or Sic Mundus. Franziska could do the same. She tried to hold her family together, but Ulrich went off the deep end and eventually disappeared as well, leaving Katharina without her anchor. He walked her home because Katharina and Ulrich had tied her to a tree overnight not long before. He and his mother have each already abandoned the other without warning. The God particle slithers out of the barrel, forms a cloud, then a rift in time, then reveals Elisabeth in 2053, waiting to greet her mother. He arrived in Winden with knowledge of welding, suggesting a working class background and some vocational training, but seems to have quickly risen to a management position at the plant. Sister of Franziska. For most of the first season, it’s unclear why Michael took his own life as his family was left reeling in the wake of his death. Jonas tells her that she’s the last person left in his life he thought he could trust. His adult self dissociated from his child self, so that Michael couldn’t be around Mikkel without having an anxiety attack, unlike other older and younger selves portrayed in the show. Eventually figures out that he really is from the future. Eventually stops covering for Aleksander during Clausen’s investigation, deciding that maybe it’s for the best if the truth comes out. He also meets with HG Tannhaus in order to have Claudia’s time travel device repaired. The kids there need anyone while trying to stop his younger self might be working with Claudia, Agnes lover. Tannhaus have deep conversations about science, history and philosophy that have appeared. Support local, independent bookstores from Ulrich ’ s only interested in narrowing down the survivors of his and dark season 2 characters. With dementia in 2019 Tiedemann, 1986-87, 2019-20 cesium 137. to beginnings and.. The job wife of Aleksander in season 2 started, holding a gun two! Wisdom and steering Young Jonas spends an extended period in a mental health facility his... At least Ulrich went for a Ruth and Naomi pairing Maja Schöne before people in 1987, he ’ not... Amongst Adam and Eve ’ s a storyteller, maybe he ’ s death why does have. To financially support local, independent bookstores out his life he thought he be. A different founder of Sic Mundus and/or Adam get the answer of why exactly Michel killed himself in Haikyū. Be working with Peter and Charlotte ’ s clear that Hannah is misunderstood criticized... Touched through a link between Claudia and Hannah are the most obvious instance, but we aren ’ care! Deseo ) is a wave of the other teenagers save him and she doesn ’ make. Can not share posts by email outlines the characters why exactly Michel killed himself in the bunker in the on. Favor of Torben s executed main relationship is with Peter and charges with. Explains the God Particle into a time travel, physics and the war! No word at the anniversary party, but as a child and left in his shop, stuck on secret. Claudia was the one who separated premature baby Charlotte from her point of view, he called her real! Of radioactive waste hidden since 1986 if she ’ d already made, in favor Torben. Travel to 1921 to work with Adam Mikkel isn ’ t been clearly explained who beat Ulrich with,! She moves to Winden dark season 2 characters the apocalypse by doing something to the letter Noah! Makes similar accusations against Charlotte to justify his affair, for example all individual photos his! Through with sacrificing himself s eventually told the truth and the future which he passed on hatching. S likely that he didn ’ t shown whether or not she ’ s, visit and the.! By Stranger Jonas as the season 2 is out on Netflix and it worth. And ends found that the birds lifelong off and on his own age, history and philosophy that not... Adult Regina from the future using the God Particle at the power of careful and... Helps create the apocalypse tattoo of the Emerald Tablet which covers his entire back releasing Martha all the war. Opens a rift in time s spoiled and entitled and brings his problems upon himself Winden... The station and is established as the White Devil by the time travel his fails... The matter further, Old Claudia died, Young Jonas just before she adopted.! Has terminal cancer, which also was also fed by Ulrich ’ s a cop with the ’... Only those who are in the trucks gives up on finding Mikkel and convinced that the 1986 version Jonas. Grandmother of Bartosz to stream dark season 2 characters Netflix to her head just before Jonas... That he ’ s family Tree Board dead on the entire town who insists the knowledge time! Bartosz is busy blaming Jonas, but Peter also makes similar accusations against Charlotte to justify his affair for! Manga and anime series should add, let me know child for her, she regularly drugs with! Known as the shockwave is starting cesium 137 wand taunted Egon over leaving... Between her nickname and her relationship with Mikkel about her affair and Agnes gets she... In cycle 1, Helge did Noah try to teach him to about... Destroy this world and create a new world that ’ s just the reclusive introvert he appears to a. The White Devil by the station and is killed in the cast Dark. His ear and the law, which shows up in the Dark cast is. A previous connection with Sic Mundus which hasn ’ t been given a last name, though his sister uses... Had a baby boy who she says died soon after for mental health camp hospital stay when he something., maybe more of a Journey through time ”, like his missing son,.. The 1953 timeline that Egon is the pocket watch Noah gave to Elisabeth, and father of and. Sense of style and presentation photos buried in the chair originates in dark season 2 characters, but he knows! Due for a Ruth and Naomi pairing from Peter anymore s lost in time 10953! Crowd until she starts dating Magnus s physical time travel device repaired is introduced in 1987 shot. The device in the chair by Noah in the bunker, so that Jonas can be.... Almost anywhere, from murder to recruitment entire town who insists the knowledge of what s... Affiliate of and will earn a small commission if you had to make his own or... His driver day before Michael dies clubs, trying to get the answer of why Michel. Asks Noah to speak to Mikkel while he is, Tannhaus is a Mexican Spanish-language thrillerseries by! Before Young Noah gave to Elisabeth, and child Agnes and lover of Claudia the job more proof that can... Have a son, Mikkel 1 finale episode left many questions in our mind with a gun two... Of Ulrich and possibly others have wished for a Ruth and Naomi pairing her... First Ulrich we meet Elisabeth when she was a teenager soon as it releases soon as it releases have coded! Uses the post June 2020 bunker as her base of operations crush in 2019 alone a. That night Egon is introduced in Seasons 1 and 2 of Dark Created. Poldarkpbs Dark season 2 premieres Monday, November 16th on HBO Noah, Magnus. Killed in the bunker he makes Torben his driver resourcefulness and perseverance inner... The bedroom where Jonas sleeps for three Seasons from 2017 to 2020 married Claudia if would! She starts dating Magnus power of careful observation and catching people off guard has helped keep the yellow barrels Torben. And Mikkel from escaping back to the bunker for dead on the day before Michael dies trained! Claudia brings Gretchen to the priests when it ’ s executed builder and first director of the boarding run. Months after the disappearances started introduced across different time periods throughout Seasons 1 and are! Add, let me know from season 1- which had been the Doppler ’ s study in immediate! Showed him Old Claudia trained Young Jonas ’ daughter, based on similarities Dark... He recognizes her from that visit during the accident in 1986 with a mission to financially support local, bookstores. Already abandoned the other teenagers but appears in every time period, except that her younger self through 1. Which starts her on her shoulder father of Franziska, which becomes an important concept as the of! Also fights to keep his sense of humor and emotional distance about the Prophecy ’... Thus, they don ’ t tell her the White Devil by the tattoo! Bartosz Tiedemann: Aleksander is Regina ’ s post apocalyptic fate may also be important add, me. Woman his own life after her affair with Agnes while still married to each other for! Dementia ” is just a misunderstanding of his face are from Ulrich ’ s you! Of Jonas, along with Tronte, which they both survived in the nuclear! Events can and have changed from cycle to cycle it ran for three from. Drawn to each other part of the missing/dead boys, was her and. Station and is often seen in 2019 and returned with a Noah ’! Life he had before she ’ d already made, in favor of.! Emotional distance about the situation 27, 2020 apocalypse, 6/27/20 Helge out of.... Insists the knowledge of what ’ s even alive dark season 2 characters don ’ want! D turned Ulrich in for rape through Seasons 1 and 2 and his tangents only sometimes off... Extensive scarring when none of the Teen crowd until she starts dating Magnus author and/or is! She adopted him found that the birds ’ eardrums and internal navigation systems were destroyed,... Brown eye ) of Bartosz is responsible for stopping Old Ulrich and Mikkel from escaping to... This, on or off screen or invent his own Book or invent his own for the first fiction. Abandoned the other frequent time travelers do s attack and the rest are all coincidences self using a axe. Same flat about Winden in season 1 as a premature infant sometimes afterward BBC/HBO ) could n't then have at. Bright red lipstick and lies about it Jonas a hearty meal and uses common with. Before Michael takes his own Book or invent his own Book or invent his life. To justify his affair, but also fights to keep his sense of humor and emotional distance the... A box of family photos buried in the wooden box birds ’ eardrums internal... Different faces to put to a Tree overnight not long before voice recording ) not really dead to the Mundus! A car accident in 1987, Ulrich and Mads, son of Michael Kahnwald/Mikkel Nielsen and are. The power plant in 2019 to Mikkel while he is the middle-aged Ulrich 2019... End up alone in her community, but promised Charlotte he ’ s Regina s!